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The bitter end of a great New Zealand fishing spot

Private Property at wharf near Kawa Kawa BayThis is the sad story of the end of one of my favorite land based fishing spots near Auckland, NZ.

There once was a great fishing wharf not too far away from Auckland.
Unfortunately it is no more. It is now plastered with "private property" signs all over the place.

I'm talking about the old ICI wharf near Kawakawa bay.
It used to be a great spot for Snapper and even Kingfish. 
Because it was a bit difficult to reach, it never really got crowded or over-fished.
It took about 40 minutes to walk there and was only possible during low tide.

I normally don't fish from wharfs, but this one was different.
I loved this spot and to my greatest dissapointment, I had to find out that it is closed now.
"Private Property - Trespassers will be prosecuted - Security Cameras in Place"

wharf near Kawa Kawa Bay, Auckland NZ
You can perhaps imagine how I felt reaching this sign after my long walk - looking forward to some great fishing the whole way.

I can only assume that closing this wharf might have been an action against some anglers not behaving appropriately.

Last time I visited this wharf, I spotted quiet a bit of rubbish around and it seemed that someone even had a campfire there ( on a wooden wharf!!!)

Anyway - it is a bitter end of a great spot. I hope one day it will be open again.


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