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How Solunar Tables inspired me to create Fishingreminder

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I started experimenting with Solunar Fishing Tables a while back and noticed how my fishing success dramatically increased.
But many times I forgot to check my Solunar Calendar regularly while being too busy at work.
And then just after the best fishing days had already passed by - I cursed myself for forgetting.


So I decided to write a program that could calculate and predict the best times and days to go fishing, based on the Solunar Theory. But most importantly it should be able to automatically remind me of these times, so that I wouldn't miss good fishing opportunities anymore.

And that's how Fishing Reminder was born. 

Because Solunar Time Tables alone aren't always sufficient enough to plan fishing trips, I decided to add more features such as weather and tides to provide a good set of information.

Another consideration for creating Fishingreminder was the hassle of using some existing Solunar Tables. It always seemed to be a bit overly complicated to fill out all the required forms to get to the best fishing times. Many times I had to first figure out the latitude and longitude of my location, my current timezone offset, weatherstation id and what not. If I wanted to use Solunar Calendars from books or magazines I always had to manually adjust my local time to the published times, depending on my geographic location.

So my motivation for Fishing Reminder was to automate all these steps. Fishingreminder can autodetect each visitors location. It can automatically find the longitude, latitude, timezone, timezone offset, daylight saving time, weather station and nearest tide stations. From these information it can then produce exact Solunar Tables per location. Of course it is always possible to change the detected location by simply choosing another location on the map. Fishingreminder will then automatically update all relevant data.

Initially I was only aiming to provide an answer to the question: When to go fishing? But as Fishing Reminder started to grow and became more and more useful I decided to extend the information that I want to provide.

It is my goal to answer the following four questions with Fishing Reminder:

  • When to go fishing - Fishingreminder's best fishing times
  • How to fish - Tutorials
  • Where to fish - not yet but coming soon
  • Whats new in the fishing world   - Latest news and Articles

Current Features

  • Autodetection of users location and daylight savings adjusted timezone
  • Best Fishing Times worldwide  - based on users location and Solunar Tables
  • NZ Maori Fishing Calendar in combination with the Solunar Theory to detect best fishing days in a month
  • Monthly Forecast of Best Fishing Times, Moon, Sun 
  • Relevant Weather Information such as Wind Speed, Wind Direction and Barometric Pressure
  • Worldwide Tide Predictions - Tides are also related to Best Fishing Times
  • Fishing News, Tutorials and Articles


Fishing Reminder is now about 3 months old and has become a frequently used website by many fishermen.
It is regularly sending out email reminders and received a lot of positive feedback and comments.

There are many more ideas and features planned for future releases.
Perhaps one of the most useful extensions will be a worldwide fishing spot locator.

I work towards the goal of providing a useful set of information for fishermen worldwide.

Sun Moon Image by DailyClipArt


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