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Online Tide Clock

Today I'm excited to announce the first version of a new Tide Clock at Fishingreminder. All Tide Pages and the main Tide Prediction Tool now feature Tide Clocks.

A Tide clock keeps track of lunar tide times by rotating once every 12 hours and 24 minutes. The left side of a tide clock counts down the hours from 5 to 0 until the next high tide. The right hand side of the tide clock displays the hour countdown until the next low tide.

Tide Clocks make it easy to see the current Tide status for a specific location without looking at boring tide tables.

Fishing Reminders Tide Clock times are automatically set to the local timezone of each tide location. The current local time and date is displayed in the center of the Tide Clock for quick reference.

Also Fishing Reminders Tide Clock loads its tide times directly from the database. That means it won't fall out of synchronization during the course of a month.

Here is an example of what it looks like in action for the current tide times in Sydney, Australia.

I think a tide clock is also a great thing to have at home.
If you are interested to hang up a tide clock at your wall check out some of the nice options here.