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Humminbird Smart Cast - Fish Finder for Land Based Anglers

As a landbased angler you need to know your fishing spots very well.
It is quite essential to know the bottom structure of the area you want to target, to identify spots that might be holding fish.

Many boaties use fish finders to identify good structures for fishing and to spot schools of fish.
For the landbased angler (or a boatie without a mounted fish finder) it is much more difficult to find these honey holes.
You need to rely mostly on your intuition or know the area extremely well.

Humminbird offers fish finders that can provide a solution for those particular problems.
Especially if you like to explore new fishing areas this might be a good option for you.

It is basically a fish finder whose sensor can be casted out with the help of a fishing rod.
The Sonar is attached to the line in the same way as a hook would be attached.
By utilizing wireless technology the sensor communicates with the display unit over a distance of up to 20 meters.

Humminbirds Display Unit comes in two varieties.
It can either be purchased as a wristband watch or as an attachment for a fishing rod.


Either option uses a wireless remote single beam sonar sensor (RSS), that is equipped to cover a water depth of up to 100 feet.

Also it comes with a feature called "wet switch technology". This will automatically turn the unit off, if it is not floating in the water.
If everything goes planned one sensor should last for up to 400 hours of in water usage.

Unfortunately the sensor needs to be completely replaced once the battery is used up.
There is no option to replace the battery once it died.

This fish finder comes at a very reasonable price and is very easy to use.

But in no way will it be a replacement for a properly mounted boat fish finder.
It can be used from a kayak or dinghy but mainly to detect the bottom structure and depth.
There is also a build in fish alarm - but the ability to detect fish reliably is quite limited for a small unit like this.

If used and applied properly it can be valuable asset to spot fish in unknown terrains.
I think its main advantage is the ability to be used from the shore, if going rock fishing or perhaps from a beach or riverbank.
It would hardly stand any chance against more advanced fish finders on a boat, but its hard to resist the urge of getting one for your tackle box.


the smartcast fishfinder has been discontinued and is no longer available.
At the time of writing this article it was top notch. That was before smart phones changed the world.


Now we recommend to use the Deeper Smart Fish finder instead. It has way more features and connects to your smartphone.
It's an awesome piece of fishing gear and does everything the hummingbird smartcast used to do - just better and more.



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