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Tide Tables For Fishing

It is no unknown secret that tides times are very important for saltwater fishing.

In my experience salt water fishing is generally at it's best during low tide coinciding with major or minor solunar periods on peak days


To make tide charts easier accessible for saltwater fishermen around the world I included a program that displays tide tables for many places in the world. I did not write the actual tide prediction software because that alone would be a lifelong project and I'm not yet an oceanograph Tongue out.


For the actual tide forecast I make use of a UNIX program called xtide, which is written by David Flater. He spend many years writing this great software and did a fantastic job with it.


The tide times seem very accurate for most places but by no means is there a guarantee for their correctness, they are only estimates. Please don't rely on this data for navigation or other critical purposes.



For fishing or other non critical purposes the tide times are very well suitable to plan your trips. Here is a complete Tide Index for all stations. It leads to a pages with tide times for each location as for example this page for Auckland Tide Times. The pages are updated regularly and can be bookmarked for quick reference. But for more advanced usage I recommend to use the Interactive Tide Charts.

High Tide
Spring Tide

It is my intention to create an easy to use user interface for tide charts, so that people can easily view tide times for their favorite fishing spots.


The Fishing Tide Time Predictions will be handy in conjunction with the solunar fishing times, to plan your next fishing trip. As a next step the tide predictions could become part of the reminder functions, so that you can receive email reminders based on solunar times, peak days and also tide preferences.


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