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Howto print PDF fishing calendars

Did you know that you can download and print lunar fishing calendars for
any location you like and for up to one year in advance from Fishingreminder?

This feature is available for all advanced subscribers.
Advanced subscriptions are available for only $10 per year. You can subscribe after you created a free account.
With your subscription you also support any future development of Fishingreminder and you will be treated like family :-)

The PDF print feature is available in the 30day forecast tab. You will find a print button near the upper right corner of the screen.
After clicking on the print button you can choose any start date you like and any end date for up to 12 months ahead.
You can then download the solunar fishing calendar for this time range as PDF document. Each Fishing Month fits onto one page.

The calendar contains the day rating, major and minor times, sunrise, sunset, moonphase and illumination, moonrise, moonset, and a section to add notes of your fishing trip.
It is ideal to plan fishing trips in advance, to leave a copy in your car, to hang one up in your garage and to scribble notes on it after each fishing trip.

See image below for an example of the first few fishing days in October 2009.

Lunar Fishing Calendar Sample from Fishingreminder


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