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Trout fishing holiday

This year I had a great fishing holiday and I thought I'd share some of my experiences.
I traveled the south island of New Zealand in pursuit of trout.
Normally I'm not much of a trout fisherman cause I live close the the coast and enjoy saltwater fishing from my kayak.
But no doubt - trout fishing in New Zealand is absolutely fantastic. There are some really big fish in New Zealands streams and lakes.
I haven't really mastered the art of fly fishing yet. All I took with me was a spinning rod.
Actually I didn't even buy a specific rod but instead used my berkley drop shot soft bait rod, that I use for saltwater fishing.
All I did was attaching a couple of meters of 10 pound trace to my braided line.

During the course of my holiday I tried all sorts of different lures and found Rapalas to be the most efficient.
But that said I caught my biggest trout on a black and gold toby in lake Moeraki on the west coast (see images below).

It was in the morning around 10 and exactly during the predicted major times. I was happy to see how well the solunar
theory work on trout. Most people gave me the advice to fish either early morning or evening at the change of light which I
did with some success. But the biggest fish were caught during major times - sometimes in the middle of the day.
Being able to access fishingremiders bite times from my mobile phone was a great help during my travels.

This is the biggest brown trout that I caught this year (60cm ~ 23inches). Unfortunately I didn't have scales with me that day to measure it's weight. It was an absolute beauty and tasted fantastic.
I fried it in butter, soy sauce and a bit of lemon right after catching it.


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