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Catch more fish with the Maori Fishing Calendar

How can the Maori Fishing Calendar help you to catch more fish? 


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The Maori fishing calendar has been used in New Zealand by Maori Fishermen since ancient times. 

The Maori (and numerous other Pacific tribes) discovered that on certain days of the lunar cycle, angling was superior then on other days.

Interestingly the Maori Fishing Calendar is very similar to the Solunar Theory, which describes the feeding behavior of fish and other wild animals.

The Solunar Theory was developed in 1926 by John Alden Knight and can be used to predict the best fishing times in any given day.


The moon's gravitational force is said to influence the feeding behavior of wild animals. Everything on earth responds to this gravitational force. High and Low Tides follow the moon and to a lesser degree ground water, lakes and streams.

Even if the effect is not immediately visible to us, it ripples through nature and effects animal and plant behavior.


When the moon is directly overhead or when the moon is underfoot fish and other animals are most active and feed vigorously. 

Those are the times with the greatest gravitational pull. They are defined as "Major Times" in the Solunar Theory.

The hours around moonrise and moonset have a comparative but lesser impact on feeding. Those times are defined as "Minor Times"


The sun also has a gravitational pull, but to a lesser degree.

On days when the sun and the moon are "up" or "down" at the same time, as it happens close to new and full moon, fishing is said to be best. 


By following the above information we can determine the best days in each moon cycle and the best times each day for fishing.


The Maoris have done this successfully during the course of history without outlining a theory.

Instead they observed and recorded their fishing and developed a calendar with a specific fishing rating for each day in a moon cycle.


So the Maori fishing calendar combined with the Solunar Theory can certainly help you to catch more fish.

By utilizing this ancient wisdom you can spend more time catching fish and less time sitting around waiting for bites all day.



Fishingreminder is here to help you find the best days and the best time to go fishing.

We use the Maori fishing calendar and the Solunar theory to calculate a fishing calendar and we also include tides and weather.

Our aim is to provide everything you need to plan a successful fishing trip in one place and especially remind you to go fishing in case forget to check the fishing calendar daily.


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