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The Aqua Marina Aircat: A Comprehensive Review for Fishing Enthusiasts


Riding on the wave of increasing popularity among fishing enthusiasts, the Aqua Marina Aircat distinguishes itself in the market through its commendable affordability, portability, and performance. Priced at $800 USD, the Aircat is a fraction of the cost of similar products, with brands like Takacat and Truekit inflatables often costing three times as much. This review will not only delve into the Aircat's specifications and unique features but will also discuss its on-water performance, and share some custom modifications we implemented to enhance its fishing capabilities.


Boasting dimensions of 3.35 meters in length and 1.6 meters in width when fully inflated, the Aircat provides generous space for up to two adults. With a lightweight design weighing in at only 33.5 kilograms, it demonstrates impressive portability. The boat is designed to support a load of up to 500 kilograms, inclusive of passengers, gear, and the weight of an outboard motor. While it is rated for a motor up to 10 horsepower, our testing found that a 6-horsepower motor provided more than sufficient propulsion.

Design and Construction

The Aircat's innovative catamaran design features side pontoons that smoothly glide through the water while maintaining the hull above the waterline. This design effectively reduces drag, ensuring efficient performance even with a smaller engine. Enhanced durability and longevity are ensured with the addition of rubber protection along the bottom and side protections for docking.


Despite its sizeable dimensions when inflated, the Aircat proves to be a masterclass in portability. Its inflatable nature allows it to be deflated and conveniently packed into a carry bag measuring 90x45x45 centimetres, catering to the needs of those constantly on the go. Be advised, the setup process can take up to 20 minutes, a potential drawback for those eager to get on the water quickly.


The Aircat truly shines when it comes to performance. Our tests with a six-horsepower outboard motor revealed that it reaches speeds swiftly and planes with ease. With a single person on board, we were able to achieve speeds of up to 25km/h, and with two adults, we reached speeds of 19km/h. The boat is rated for up to 10 horsepower, but we found that six horsepower offers more than ample propulsion.

Modifications for Fishing

We made a few modifications to further optimize the Aircat for fishing. These included adding Railblaza rod holders, which are effortless to install and remove, along with a portable Deeper Pro fish finder. We also installed Railblaza Dinghy wheels to facilitate a seamless launch of the boat.


Despite its numerous benefits, the Aircat does have a few downsides. We encountered minor issues with the build quality, including some inconsistencies with the stitching and a small leak in the drop-stitch bottom. Moreover, the boat requires a considerable amount of time to set up and inflate, which may not appeal to some users.


In conclusion, considering its price point of $800 USD, the Aqua Marina Aircat presents a compelling option for those in search of a portable, affordable fishing boat. This boat offers a considerable savings when compared to the likes of Takacat and Truekit inflatables, without compromising on portability and performance. While there are minor issues with the build quality, these are relatively minor when compared to the performance, portability, and design innovation that you're getting for the price. As always, individual needs and preferences should guide your purchase decision, but if you're considering an inflatable fishing boat in this price range then you must check out our video for an in-depth review of this boat and all the features:


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