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Checklist for Boaties

Check before you leave for fishing

Make sure your next fishing trip does not end in a disaster.
It is always good to be well prepared for any trip.
Here is a checklist of things you should bring, if you enjoy kayak fishing or fishing from a boat in general.

Essential Checklist For Boat and Kayak Fishing

  1. LIFE JACKETS - You have to have and wear it a correct sized life jacket for each person.
    as a legal requirement on the board. additionally, warm and protective clothing.

  2. TORCH - Always carry a torch with spare battery. A head light is good for a kayak or mini dinghy.
  3. ROPE - You never know what will happen in the sea. Carry extra length of it.
  4. FIRST AID KIT - At least for covering minor injury and sea sickness.
  5. SUN BLOCK - very important, especially on kayaks.
  6. DRINKING WATER AND SOME SNACKS -don't drink or eat too much, you don't have a proper toilet for it.
  7. NAVIGATIONAL AIDS - Depending on your boat size and how far you want to go, you will need a proper navigator at least a small compass in your pocket.
  8. RUBBISH BAG - You will produce some rubbish such as your new soft bait packet, fishing line, your empty snack bag in stuff.
  9. KNIFE - you will need it for cutting your fishing line, filleting fishes and other things.
  10. ANCHOR - The right size of your anchor should not be less than 1.5kg/m of the length of your boat with a sinking rope.
  11. BAILING - Not only an electric bilge pump, but a bucket or bailer could be useful.
  12. HOOK - To pick up objects in the water, measure the depth of water and rescue a overboard person.
  13. COMMUNICATION MEANS - Flares, VHF radio, locator's beacon and a mobile phone.
And of course most importantly don't forget your rod, tackle and bait.
And remember to check Fishing Reminder for the best fishing days to be out on the water!!!

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