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Rock fishing Creativity

Fishing from the rocks, beaches or wharfs can be quiet challenging.
I don't fish much from the rocks myself, but I'm on a mission to get better at it.

Most of the time when I try fishing from the shore I come back with bags full of 
garbage rather then fish.

I normally pick up entangled fishing lines, plastic bags, old rusty hooks, plastic bottles
and every now and then some sinkers which then go right into my tackle box.

Yesterday I stumbled over a new kind of sinker which I haven't seen before.
This one didn't qualify for my tackle box and went straight into the rubbish.

I call it the spark sinker. 

A Spark Plug used as sinker for fishing

It's surly a cheap way to get a sinker - that is if you got enough spark plugs lying around in your garage.
A bit worrying if people with little or no care for the environment produce these kind of sinkers.

Dropping them into the water without a proper cleaning sounds awful.

It might be possible to get rid of any oil or grease by boiling the spark plug in saltwater for a while.
I can only hope that the person that used this sinker did so.


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