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Best fishing times on your mobile phone

We've come a long way with fishingreminder since we started out in 2009. It was just about the time when the first iPhone came out. Most people were still using good old nokia phones and the likes, equipped with some very basic web browsers. Back then we were one of the first fishing websites to offer a mobile version.

Of course now we got you covered with apps for Android and IOS 

Check out our apps:


Fishing Times App Tide Clock App

Fishing times for Android

Fishing times for iOS

Tide Clock for Android

Tide Clock for iOS


just for fun - this is what we wrote back in 2009:

Fishingreminder's best fishing times, tide times, sun and moon are now available on your mobile phone. You only need a mobile phone with a build in web browser. Most phones should have one. By utilizing your phones build in web browser it does not matter if you have a Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, etc.

When you point your mobile phone to it will automatically load the mobile version. It will ask you to log in with your fishingreminder user details. You can then view the fishing times for your saved location on your phone.

It is not possible to change your location with the mobile version yet. I'm planning to add a feature that will allow you to save more then one location in Fishingreminder. When this is done you can easily switch between different saved locations on your mobile phone. 


And then we included this nice picture of a (now antique) blackberry phone :-)


Well, like I said - we've come a long way...


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