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Topic: Fishing Spots in Dubai | Category: Fishing Talk

askFM 5 years ago

Can anyone suggest good fishing spots in Dubai , sharjah, ajman , Um al Quwain ..
What kind of bait and hook size u do all use and what kind of fishes do u catch ?

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afzal280 5 years ago

dxb - need license but still there are places (kings and hammour)
ajman - behind hamriya freezone and kempenski canal (kings,gouper,queens,etc)

there are lots of places bro contact me

ragy_elmasry 5 years ago

Hi Afzal,

I did try to fish in several places in Dubai, like Dewa at the end of the JBR, Ghantout ...etc and I never got good size fish, do u suggest me to do something sspecial? or where are the best places in Dubai?

afzal280 5 years ago

ghantoot over fished man, dewa waterbreaks is gud hmmmmmmmmmm ok contact me

nakhan 3 years ago

Quote by afzal280
ghantoot over fished man, dewa waterbreaks is gud hmmmmmmmmmm ok contact me

Hi Afzal,

What is the best time for fishing now a days? what are the best places for Ajman or near by.


romeoduquejr 3 years ago

Quote by afzal280
ghantoot over fished man, dewa waterbreaks is gud hmmmmmmmmmm ok contact me

Hi Afzal,

Could you tell me exactly is this DEWA breakwater, I have been fishing for a while in umm suqiem. I feel like Im stuck there and I need new fishing spots.

I am new to this hobby.


yasrkasem 3 years ago

hello anglers,
I'm living in international city, i dont fishing in dubai, but once or twice go to Sharjah and Ajman
any one want help or fishing spots or join me for fishing you all are welcome.

Jijin 3 years ago

hi can u please let me knw where the fishing spots in dubai..i will be really please if you could.thanks in advance

baji360 2 years ago

Yas I stay in Silicon Oasis. im new in this. If you are looking for fishing friends call me @ 050 5533524.

anonymous 1 year ago


this is muhammad abdulrahman from paksitan, please let me know which are the best spots in dubai and fujairah. 2ndly i have been fishing in my country with a hook tied to thin plastic wire here in dubai i saw people doing with rods so i donot have any experience about these rods where from to purchase these and what is the price.

Muhammad abdulRahman

Jijin 3 years ago

Hello romeo..

i been wondering where is the spots for fishing in Umm Seqiem..Could you please tell me where exactly it is and what kind of fishesn bait you me i can help you with fishing spots.. are u new to fishing in dubai?

romeoduquejr 3 years ago

Hi Jijin,

It is passed the open beach if you are coming from abu dhabi side...near the 'Deep blue see fishing adventure' (search google map). It is at the sand bags.

I use prawns.

Where do you fish?


Ralph78 2 years ago

the sand bags that you are talking about are close to burj el arab,
if yes, i used to fish there, but i passed last night and they put a board that beach is closed temporary, do you still think that i can fish there?

any similar place in jumeirah beach road?

Boyeth 3 years ago

may I know how to got there in ghantoot area for fishing.

Please I need new spot for fishing

afzal280 2 years ago

is this rajiv then please call me asap 0502808683

medo_krkr 2 years ago

Hi Afzal,

I saw that you are so famous in this forum and I'm the same as most of the people here "Just New" and since 2 months back and i'm trying to catch something and finally before 2 days i got a small fish comparing to what you got in ur pic. So I'm wondering what kind of bait would you use and how do you prepare it. I do fish in Sharjah or Ajman and I'm planning to go fishing on the 16Apr. in Hamriyah Thanks in Advance buddy

New and looking to be Expert :P
samersamir 4 years ago

Hi Afzal,
can you give me the advice for Dubai.

Devilsnephew 4 years ago

hey afzal

nice catch bro
i am new to this beautiful game, so ya was interested in knowing good spots and learn from the pros .

wsalhien 3 years ago

Hi...can you share some of your tips on how to catch kingfish in sharjah or ajman.

i go out fishing on a weekly basis...would be nice to share tips and places.

call me 050 625 4922


jeriza 2 years ago

Hi there! Do you know any place where we can do crabbing or fishing and overnight camping in either Ajman, Dubai or Umm Al Quwain? My friends and I are planning to go next weekend but I have no idea where to go. I hope you can guide me how to get there. Thanks!B)

indianco 4 years ago

hi friends, i am new to this hobby, i would like to gain some advice and help on fishing in dubai (uae). i just got a new boat but i dont know where to get exactly. is there any iphone application related to fishing. i want to navigate to yours favourite spots. pls help with suggested websites related to fishing and boating if u have.


DubaiPassion 4 years ago

if you are still going fishing click me.. yesterday found excellent places in Dubai but need to go by boat only, not good from beach side.

shbasset 2 years ago

that track I've experienced myself, hope you'll find a good fish there


markt 2 years ago

thats pretty cool - thanks for sharing

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.
koshy 4 years ago

Quote by askFM
Can anyone suggest good fishing spots in Dubai , sharjah, ajman , Um al Quwain ..
What kind of bait and hook size u do all use and what kind of fishes do u catch ?

yes you can contact me 0506508621

samersamir 4 years ago

Hello gentelmen,

I have the same question. I guess next weekend is good for fishing.
so can someone help me with a places to fish from the beach. since I finally got my fishing license!:laugh:

erkhansu 3 years ago

Hey Guys

I am looking for some fishing spots in Abu Dhbai, Ajman and other Emirates. Can you just send me google map links or copy paste locatons or coordinates here? .


m.moussa 3 years ago

Hi Guys,
I need ur help if you can sahre any good spots for fishing in Dubai, I'm fishing for 2 years and got stuck with Garhoud and Creek but sometimes I drive to Umm Alqwain and usually get good catch there

If you know any other spots in Jumerah area or near by it will be great, we can arrange for group fishing also if you like.

You can contact me on

Thanks in advance.

afzal280 2 years ago

Anybody wants to fish Wednesday nite and Thursday morning please contact me


Ralph78 2 years ago


anyone can let me know if there is good spots to fish in Dubai, if possible not rocks, i prefer the same way as garhoud but on open sea.

There was a place in Jumeirah close to Burj Al Arab, but it is temporary closed.

Please let me know.


Abdellah.Sourid 1 year ago


I'm new in fishing, can I come with someone to fish, I don't know where to fish in Dubai. I need your help and support.


Ralph78 2 years ago

where is the dewa breakwater?

can someone give me the excat location?

mike_75 2 years ago

hello all , any new fishing spot in Dubai,someone told me close by floating bridge there a big sized fish,2 kg+

mike_75 2 years ago

who knows how i can apply for fishing liscen for Dubai . thanks

Ashalabi 2 years ago

Hi guys,

You can try to help you find and book fishing charters in Dubai and in many other destinations. Let me know if you found it useful or not.

chrysanthy 1 year ago

Hi guys,
thanks for so many suggestions, can't wait to go

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