🇬🇧 And here it is next to my size 10 foot
🇬🇧 Wow my pb nearly 20lb couldnt get it in pic it was soo huge
🇬🇧 Real nice chunky carp about 16 lb
🇬🇧 Better mirror
🇬🇧 Nice mirror
🇬🇧 Nice little tench
🇬🇧 Best one of the day
🇬🇧 My boy and his little carp
🇬🇧 Nice common
🇬🇧 My boy and his catch
🇬🇧 Beautiful little tench
🇬🇧 Nice condition shiny carp
🇬🇧 Beautiful dark little common
🇬🇧 Another small one
🇬🇧 Long and thin one
🇬🇧 Another small one
🇬🇧 My best so far
🇬🇧 A bit bigger
🇬🇧 Nice little mirror
🇬🇧 9lb Small Eyed Ray