🇳🇿 Another Korean Bass - Gosam Lake
🇳🇿 Stingray west coast
🇳🇿 Kingfish
🇳🇿 Barracuda caught on a soft plastic lure
🇳🇿 Salmon fishing! Girls went wild
🇳🇿 Today fishing in New Zealand
🇳🇿 Golden bay snapper
🇳🇿 Snappyssss
🇳🇿 Great catch today in Golden Bay: Snapper, Rig and Gurnard
🇳🇿 Red Gurnard SUP fishing with soft plastics
🇳🇿 Surfcasting at night. Good snapper after sunset.
🇳🇿 Early morning Kahawai / Australian Salmon Catch
🇳🇿 putting on weight
🇳🇿 snapper and trevally caught from SUP
🇳🇿 this leather jacket went for a softbait
🇳🇿 Got ya! Monster snapper off the beach
🇳🇿 New moon fishing for snapper - another great catch with the drone.
🇳🇿 Nice fat 50cm winter snapper - caught on mussel bait
🇳🇿 My wife's first snapper with drone fishing
🇳🇿 todays catch - kahawai / australian salmon off the rocks