🇳🇿 last kingfish before national covid19 lockdown
🇳🇿 11 pound snapper - put up a hell of a fight
🇳🇿 snapper time at cable bay
🇳🇿 Nice big red gurnard - rock fishing
🇳🇿 Nice big Kahawai from the Westhaven Inlet
🇳🇿 Conger eel, Good to eat or not??
🇳🇿 What is for dinner tonight?
🇳🇿 Another Golden Bay Kingfish caught in the shallows
🇳🇿 Kahawai and trevally
🇳🇿 Kingfish caught on my paddle board
🇳🇿 Good size trevally - Golden Bay New Zealand
🇳🇿 Probably my PB Barracouta so far
🇳🇿 good old snapper
🇳🇿 Kingfish caught in Golden Bay, New Zealand
🇳🇿 a nice Kingfish of my kayak in Golden Bay, NZ
🇳🇿 Waitawa regional park
🇳🇿 Waitawa regional park
🇳🇿 Snapper and Gurnard, The foot indicates the size. (3.2 kg, the fish, not the foot)
🇳🇿 Snapper and Gurnard
🇳🇿 John Dory and Blue Cod caught kayak fishing on soft plastics