🇰🇷 Massive carp from the Han River, Seoul by Mark Totzke
Massive carp from the Han River, Seoul


1 year ago by itsaboat
You finally got your self a carp and using corn. :)
1 year ago by Mark Totzke
yeah finally 😄 It was really exciting sight fishing as well. I went to the river to do some spin fishing for bass. When I got there I saw quite a few carps and barbels swimming around really close to shore. They were grazing right in between the rocks in shallow water. So I chucked out a few handfuls of corn in their pathway and then placed a carp running rig with a few corn kernels on the hook right in the middle. Only about 1 meter away from the shore. After a moment a few barbels passed by but weren't interested in the corn at all. Then the carp showed up and started munching the corn. After a few minutes he took the one with the hook. It was really cool to be able to watch it all in the shallow clear water. The fight was rather boring. It didn't pull much line at all. But it was really difficult to land because of the unexpected size. I couldn't really lift it . I wanted to take a proper photo, but it was impossible. So I only got this photo and then released it quickly to prevent too much harm. I really didn't think that there are so big carps in the Han River. So now I'm excited and hopefully manage to catch another one. 🐟
1 year ago by dazzling79
Extremely fat one!

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