🇳🇿 Nice squid
🇳🇿 some decent gurnards
🇳🇿 That's why a butterfish is also known as greenbone
🇳🇿 Finally managed to catch my first butterfish (green bone) spearfishing
🇳🇿 Little Rainbow trout out of Lake Heron (Ashburton Lakes)
🇳🇿 My first Trumpeter
🇳🇿 Nice little rainbow trout
🇳🇿 couple nice big perch
🇳🇿 elephant fish, new zealand
🇳🇿 My first elephant fish
🇳🇿 Rig Shark caught near Birdlings Flat, Christchurch
🇳🇿 Spearfishing kaikoura, nice blue moki
🇳🇿 Nice bag of seafood. Sea urchins, abalones, blue moki
🇳🇿 Couple nice paddle crabs
🇳🇿 My first crayfish caught free diving
🇳🇿 Nice Far North Kingfish caught on a stick bait
🇳🇿 Todays catch: Trevally and Scorpion fish
🇳🇿 Scorpion Fish, also known as Grandfather Hapuku from New Zealand
🇳🇿 couple nice New Zealand snapper
🇳🇿 Big barracouta caught on a softbait.