🇳🇿 Kingfish caught in Golden Bay, New Zealand
🇳🇿 a nice Kingfish of my kayak in Golden Bay, NZ
🇳🇿 John Dory and Blue Cod caught kayak fishing on soft plastics
🇳🇿 John Dory
🇳🇿 Rig ( smooth hound) shark off my kayak
🇳🇿 back onto the snapper
🇳🇿 Nice Kahawai from Motunau in New Zealand
🇰🇷 Another carp out of the Han River in Seoul
🇰🇷 Massive carp from the Han River, Seoul
🇰🇷 Nice Bass at the Han River, Seoul
🇸🇪 Northern Pike - from Sweden
🇸🇪 Common roach
🇸🇪 Swedish Pike
🇸🇪 Nice big swedish perch
🇩🇪 This my first German Rapfen - didn't even know this kind of fish exists
🇳🇿 Barracuda caught on a soft plastic lure
🇳🇿 Great catch today in Golden Bay: Snapper, Rig and Gurnard
🇳🇿 Red Gurnard SUP fishing with soft plastics
🇳🇿 Surfcasting at night. Good snapper after sunset.
🇳🇿 Early morning Kahawai / Australian Salmon Catch