🇳🇿 Nice Far North Kingfish caught on a stick bait
🇳🇿 Todays catch: Trevally and Scorpion fish
🇳🇿 Scorpion Fish, also known as Grandfather Hapuku from New Zealand
🇳🇿 couple nice New Zealand snapper
🇳🇿 Big barracouta caught on a softbait.
🇳🇿 A couple nice squid from the top of the north island, NZ
🇳🇿 Nice squid - Bay of Islands, New Zealand
🇳🇿 Couple nice squid Eging off the rocks
🇳🇿 Nice snapper off the beach in Waikawau - drone fishing
🇳🇿 good sized snapper - rock fishing coromandel
🇳🇿 Nice cracker off the Coromandel Rocks.
🇳🇿 My first rainbow trout properly landed on a fly rod
🇳🇿 Mohaka River Rainbow trout - Winter fishing New Zealand
🇳🇿 Awesome condition rainbow trout from lake Argyle
🇳🇿 Winter trout fishing - Lake Argyle - South Island, New Zealand
🇳🇿 and another barracouta day...
🇳🇿 Couple nice snapper - both around 8 pounds
🇳🇿 Spotted dogfish / rig shark / gummy shark
🇳🇿 last kingfish before national covid19 lockdown
🇳🇿 11 pound snapper - put up a hell of a fight