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Today's Solunar Fishing Times for Auckland, New Zealand

According to our calculations, today Nov 19, 2018 has a 1 out of 4 rating ( ) and is a poor day for fishing.
The current moonphase is a Waxing Gibbous and 76 percent of the moon is visible.
The sun will rise at 06:01 am and sets at 08:12 pm while the moon rises at 03:52 pm and sets at 03:48 am.

Best fishing times are indicated by the four solunar periods of high feeding activity.

The two major solunar periods last for two hours or more and normally produce best results. Check out those days when they happen during sunrise or sunset for an extra boost.
The first major solunar feeding period starts at 08:50 am. The second major solunar feeding period starts at 09:04 pm.

Minor periods last for about one or two hours. Feeding is said to be less vigorous. But if other factors like weather, tides, sunrise, etc are favorable those times could be just as good as the major times.
The first minor solunar feeding period starts at 02:48 am. The second minor solunar feeding period starts at 02:52 pm.

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Best Fishing Times
  • poor Day
  • Major:
    08:50 am - 10:50 am
  • Major:
    09:04 pm - 11:04 pm
  • Minor:
    02:48 am - 04:48 am
  • Minor:
    02:52 pm - 04:52 pm
  • Sunrise:
    06:01 am
  • Sunset:
    08:12 pm
  • Moonrise:
    03:52 pm
  • Moonset:
    03:48 am
  • Waxing Gibbous
  • Local Time: Mon, Nov 19, 2018 7:05 AM
  • Latitude: -36.85 | Longitude: 174.7833
*bold times indicate fishing times near sunrise or sunset
Timezone: Pacific/Auckland
Local Time: Mon, Nov 19, 2018 7:49 AM
Weekly Fishing Calendar
Date Rating Major Bite Times Minor Bite Times Sun Moon Moonphase
Mon, 19 Nov
08:50 am - 10:50 am
09:04 pm - 11:04 pm
02:48 am - 04:48 am
02:52 pm - 04:52 pm
R: 06:01 am
S: 08:12 pm
R: 03:52 pm
S: 03:48 am

Waxing Gibbous
Tue, 20 Nov
09:34 am - 11:34 am
09:49 pm - 11:49 pm
03:17 am - 05:17 am
03:51 pm - 05:51 pm
R: 06:00 am
S: 08:13 pm
R: 04:51 pm
S: 04:17 am

Waxing Gibbous
Wed, 21 Nov
10:21 am - 12:21 pm
10:38 pm - 12:38 am
03:48 am - 05:48 am
04:54 pm - 06:54 pm
R: 05:59 am
S: 08:14 pm
R: 05:54 pm
S: 04:48 am

Waxing Gibbous
Thu, 22 Nov
- - -
11:10 am - 01:10 pm
04:22 am - 06:22 am
05:58 pm - 07:58 pm
R: 05:59 am
S: 08:15 pm
R: 06:58 pm
S: 05:22 am

Full Moon
Fri, 23 Nov
- - -
12:02 pm - 02:02 pm
04:59 am - 06:59 am
07:05 pm - 09:05 pm
R: 05:58 am
S: 08:16 pm
R: 08:05 pm
S: 05:59 am

Full Moon
Sat, 24 Nov
12:23 am - 02:23 am
12:57 pm - 02:57 pm
05:41 am - 07:41 am
08:13 pm - 10:13 pm
R: 05:58 am
S: 08:17 pm
R: 09:13 pm
S: 06:41 am

Full Moon
Sun, 25 Nov
01:21 am - 03:21 am
01:54 pm - 03:54 pm
06:30 am - 08:30 am
09:19 pm - 11:19 pm
R: 05:57 am
S: 08:18 pm
R: 10:19 pm
S: 07:30 am

Waning Gibbous
*bold times indicate best fishing times around sunrise or sunset
Auckland, New Zealand - the city of Sails, home sweet home and a fishing paradise in the pacific ocean.
Auckland is surrounded by water. One one side we have the wild west coast beaches with great fishing opportunities around Muriwai, Piha and Watipu.
Those beaches are great for landbased anglers. Then there are the Kaipara and Manukau Harbours - both teaming with fish.
If you live out west and have a boat then you probably call those harbours your second home.
On Aucklands east coast we have comparatively calmer beaches and there are endless fishing spots within easy reach. From 
Mahurangi Bay all the way down to Muriwai - all within an hour drive from the Auckland CBD.
Fishing in the Hauraki Gulf or Firth of Thames by boat is productive all year around.
But even for landbased anglers there are still plenty of fish around in the shallows during low season in Winter.
If you have a kayak you can get fantastic catches. Many reefs and islands around Auckland are in easy paddle distance.
The stealth of a Kayak combined with soft baits and slow jigs is deadly on snapper, gurnard, trevally, john dory, etc.
And if you manage to land a kingfish from a kayak you'll be pumped with adrenaline for a week.
Auckland has many public boat ramps. Ideal to launch your boat or dinghy near your favorite fishing location.
The high season in Auckland is during the summer months. Early summer is spawning time and fish are hungry and lots of schools of snapper move into the inner harbours.
During winter things slow down a bit, but if you are lucky you might get that massive fish that decided to stick around in the shallows.

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