🇳🇿 Rainbow trout by Mathew Heays
Rainbow trout


1 month ago by dazzling79
Wow! Great to see you with the beauty!
1 month ago by Mark Totzke
Awesome Matt, good to see you out there with a nice rainbow. That looks like up at the canals. I see you got your gopro on you. Have you started a youtube channel yet?
1 month ago by skrat
That's a great looking rainbow. Woowee
1 month ago
Very nice catch. Do you have ocean run rainbow trout there? Is this a hatchery fish? I'm in Ontario Canada, Great Lakes. Our Rainbow trout were introduced here way back when.
1 month ago by Mark Totzke
Hey Bubba, we don't get any ocean-run rainbows in New Zealand for some reason. Only our brown trout will go to the ocean. All trout species were introduced to New Zealand way back. The native freshwater fish are all tiny. Most lakes and rivers are stocked but we have a mix of hatchery and wild trout in most places. Further up in the smaller mountain streams it's mainly wild trout.
1 month ago by Mathew Heays
Thanks all! @Mark Totzke have not started one yet, once my videoing skills are up to standard I’ll start making some content🤣

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