🇳🇿 Squid by Hoza


4 months ago by Mark Totzke
awesome catch, lucky it didn't come off :) Decent size as well. We're exploring a new spot at the moment and trying to find the squid, haha. There should be plenty around now. Did you catch it near some structure?
4 months ago by dazzling79
I want to catch one like this too!!!😍
4 months ago by Hoza
Got one in the same spot awhile ago with same jig, fairway reef 👍
4 months ago by dazzling79
I tried off the rocks at Taumarumaaru reserve and Mangonui wharf last month. Absolute no success from the shores. And I caught 2 little ones in Opito bay last week. Hard to catch those decent ones. Still trying...

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