🇳🇿 Anyone care to guess the weight of this snapper? by kingiFiddler
Anyone care to guess the weight of this snapper?


1 year ago by itsaboat
It weighs EXACTLY half as much as it would weigh, if it was twice as heavy as what it is...Did I guess right?
1 year ago by kingiFiddler
Don't ask me, I just fish here
1 year ago by Mark Totzke
😄 this looks like a big boy. 15lb+ maybe
1 year ago by kingiFiddler
I never got it out of the water or weighed it. Got the hook out and released it yak-side. Felt in the 16-18lb range but that may have been the adrenaline talking. Hey Mark, Sunday before last I watched a pack of very big kings knock the byjebus out of my huge kahawai livie for 20 minutes without actually eating it. Smallest king in the pack was about 20kg. There were two over 30kg. they put on quite a show but I couldn't prick any of 'em :-(
1 year ago by Mark Totzke
haha, that must have been great to watch. They were just teasing you.
1 year ago by kingiFiddler
It was so frustrating. But entertaining too. I brought the livie in and pitched out a smaller model and they weren't interested in that either. They certainly were a big tease. The trip before in this same spot I had been dragged into 1.5m amongst the rocks by a 20-25kg king that was just playing with me. I had the leader on the reel and could see it, but it took the gloves off and dusted me in the bricks. It was a wild 15 minutes. It looks like they have gone now and I blew my shot at a big one. Haven't even caught a 20+kg king here yet had multiple shots at ones over 30kg. Went on so many hero or zero missions trying to land one and always came back the zero. Next summer perhaps.
1 year ago by MUT AT
Why not take it home?
1 year ago by kingiFiddler
Prefer to let the big ones keep breeding a few more years. They don't taste as nice either, so I'm told. If gut hooked or suffering barotrauma I'll keep them as the chances of a successful release are not good. Prefer not to catch them and certainly don't target them, just in case I have to keep one. Best was an estimated 24lbs, although it's length suggested it would be closer to 30lbs.
1 year ago by Aischa Parker
1 year ago by kingiFiddler
Even I wasn't keen to call it a 20-pounder, but I hope you are right as it would make up for all the zero trips chasing kingfish lately.

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