🇳🇿 Snapper, Kahawai by arwood52130
Snapper, Kahawai


2 months ago by kingiFiddler
Loving the ironing board filleting table. Glad you are getting a few fish. Lost a kingfish Thursday morning. I saw it take my livie but it spat it about 20 seconds later. First of the season for me so hopefully we'll all be seeing them in numbers soon. Sadly, too many sharks around already.
2 months ago by dazzling79
Who's ironing clothes these days, right? A fantastic idea for upcycling for a fish board!😜😄
2 months ago by arwood52130
Yes thank you , snagged the iron board idea from YouTuber got it from trade me for 8 $ . Will put the plywood on top if have time. 😂

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