🇳🇿 Yellowtail Kingfish by kingiFiddler
Yellowtail Kingfish


2 months ago by Mark Totzke
Awesome catch mate, thanks for sharing. The old Alvey's capabilities sure are impressive. Looks like over a meter?
2 months ago by kingiFiddler
cheers, never measured or weighed it. Just gutted and gilled and gave it to the local postie (she's a good egg) and she'll let me know what it weighs when she get's it home. Felt like about 15/16kg but that might just be my weak arms at the start of the season and I may need to recalibrate my guestimator.
2 months ago by kingiFiddler
Was just under 13kgs, so I think I need to go to the gym or something as felt more than that :-) That said, it was after 8hrs paddling, two rats, one bronzie and this king (that didn't fight like one, more like a shark). But nice to dial in the guestimator for the season ahead.
2 months ago by dean howard
Awesome work 👏 bring on the summer kingis!
2 months ago by kingiFiddler
Hope you get amongst them Dean. Were a few being caught this weekend.

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