🇳🇿 New Zealand Snapper on my Kayak by markt
New Zealand Snapper on my Kayak


2021 years ago by booyah
yup thats a nice one. you ever get to catch any yellowtail or blufin tuna wahoo or dorado? do they frequent your part of the ocean. And wow that water is like glass!
2021 years ago by markt
I never caught any tuna - need to go quite far out. I know some people that caught skipjack tuna We have a lot of big king fish in our waters and lots of people go after them. But not too easy from a kayak cause you have to go quite some distance if you want to target them. Although if you can catch one from a kayak its real good fun. They can drag you around for ages - lots of power.
2021 years ago by shayaz
reall nice mannn..drop that baby ona grill and call that george..
2021 years ago by markt
hahaha - that's exactly what I did with it mate ;-)

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