🇳🇿 Bin of snapper by markt
Bin of snapper


2021 years ago by booyah
Hey didn't I show you how to make fish tacos? Tacos are better than soup.....Those fish look pretty darn tasty!
2021 years ago by markt
yeah I made tacos a few times already - really nice. I use the frames and heads to make fish soup and stock. And normally I pick the meat from the cheeks after cooking and make a sandwich spread. My only problem is getting rid of the scales when I pick out the meat from the heads. I should probably scale them before I cook them. But those heads are bastards to scale. Quite good to use to use the stock for asian inspired noodle soups. And then I bury the cooked bones and heads in the vegetable garden as fertilizer :-) Man the veggies grow like crazy on fish. Nothing get's wasted.

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