🇶🇦 Double hook steel wire for Serious predators by m.khattab
Double hook steel wire for Serious predators


2023 years ago by hu1john
same rig im using mate but on mono line not on steel im up to jacks and GTs an effective and sure catch rig... nice one in there. Ramadan Kareem
2023 years ago by Roland
Which part of the bait fish your first hook (big one) be placed and then where is the second(smaller) hook go? Is the a 40 lb wire leader ,just being knot?
2023 years ago by m.khattab
@hu1john Thanks dude, Ramadan Kareem. I use the double hook on mono as well sometimes when I target spangled emperors or groupers.. The steel cable was after experiencing many cases where you have monster bites but end up with an eaten bait and a remains of a rig!! :) Keep up the great spirit and tight lines. Cheers
2023 years ago by m.khattab
@ Roland Always great to have you in touch bud, usually I rig dead bait on this setup. A whole sardine or a mackerel. I mainly start with the front hook at the middle of the fish, pass it through twist around and then again in the head (some times through the eyes or mouth or even before the head) The small back hook is by the tail. I, sometimes then, secure the dead bait with rubber band.. just to minimize any damage the two hooks might cause during my casting or in the water. This particular leader is a 0.50 ml diameter... the knots are quite easy by hand I find it much better and more secured than crimping.. I tried them myself.. Keep in touch bro.. be well.
2023 years ago by Roland
Thanks mate, I'll be using that too. Another inquiry, what size of hook you had in the front and the next behind? How about the other end, do you knot it too or crimp it? Is that an 18" leader wire? Have you done fishing now a days for those biggies? Tight Lines and Enjoy!!!
2023 years ago by m.khattab
@ Roland: I really can't remember exactly mate, but I always think it's a good practice to have multiple hook size in your gear out there. Depending on what you can see in the water you then can change your rig. If I'm not mistaken that front hooks was a mustad 06 and the small one was a carbon circle hook size 3. The length of your leader is ideally between 70cm to 120cm really. And I usually just link this leader with a barrel swivel using the knotting no crimping to my main line having a free running sinker on the main line before the swivel. That's called a bottom finder rig.. very very effective while salt water surf fishing the fish bites directly go to the tip of your rod and the fish where I live prefer to test the bait before they do the real bite.. so when the sinker isn't making the bait any heavier it's really good. the last fishing trip, mate was 4 weeks ago and yes I was targeting the same. You won't believe man I've lost two monsters by all meanings of the word.. my rods were on the sand taking the hit and 30 seconds later the line is cut. :(. Keep in touch mate.

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