🇶🇦 Career's first fish
🇶🇦 Career's first fish
🇶🇦 My little men on light tackle
🇶🇦 Isn't that truly peaceful
🇶🇦 A great Udaid summer night
🇶🇦 Double hook steel wire for Serious predators
🇶🇦 Thank you Cuda for taking my bait.
🇶🇦 Spangled emperor! Brother and sister double header
🇶🇦 Spangled emperor! Double header
🇶🇦 Spangled Emperor
🇶🇦 Queen fish off surf Qatar
🇶🇦 SeaBream Great Size
🇶🇦 Spangled emperor Surf
🇶🇦 Spangled emperor Qatar
🇶🇦 Double header She3m
🇶🇦 Emperor Made delecious
🇶🇦 Emperor Eggs Now Yummy
🇶🇦 Emperor Billion Eggs
🇶🇦 Spangled Emperor
🇶🇦 A great fishing night inland sea Udaid Qatar