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Today's tide charts show that the first max Tide will be at 02:45 am with a water level of -4.07 ft. It is then followed by a slack tide at 07:20 am with a maximum water level of 0 ft. The next max Tide will be at 09:42 am with a predicted level of 1.57 ft and the last slack Tide for today will be at 12:40 pm with water at the -0 ft mark.

Tide Forecast
Date High Tides Low Tides
Fri, 30 Sep
Sat, 01 Oct
Sun, 02 Oct
Mon, 03 Oct
Tue, 04 Oct
Wed, 05 Oct
Thu, 06 Oct
Fri, 07 Oct
Sat, 08 Oct
Sun, 09 Oct
Mon, 10 Oct
Tue, 11 Oct
Wed, 12 Oct
Thu, 13 Oct

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