WHY you should start KAYAK FISHING in 2022

Published May 29, 2022 | General Fishing Knowledge

WHY you should start KAYAK FISHING in 2022

In the video below, we give you 5 reasons why we think you should get into kayak fishing this year. 

  1. With fuel prices through the roof - do you really want to spend all your hard-earned cash on big gas-guzzling boats this year? We live in a time of a looming climate catastrophe. Fuel prices will only rise and let's face it, burning tons of fossil fuels each time you go fishing is just not cool anymore. Let’s look after the environment and reduce our emissions. So why not consider a kayak for fishing?

  2. Kayak Fishing is heaps of fun. Rather than sitting in a boat all day, kayak fishing keeps you active, fit and healthy. You have to break a sweat to get to your fishing spot, which will only benefit your health in the long term.

  3. Kayaks are easy to launch. You don’t need crowded boat ramps to launch your kayak. You can launch a kayak pretty much anywhere you like in peace and quiet. They are perfect for beach launches and for fishing and camping.

  4. Kayaks are stealthy, you can sneak up on fish without spooking them and you can also fish much closer to structures and in very shallower water. A kayak gives you a sense of hunting and adventure while you are closely connected to your surroundings. Catching fish on a kayak is very rewarding. Kayak fishing is also more sustainable because you don’t need to catch your limit each time you go fishing. Firstly you have only limited carrying capacity and secondly, you can just go fishing again any time you like. Kayak fishing encourages you to take only what you need. 

  5. Fishing Kayaks have advanced a lot over the years and modern fishing kayaks are equipped with all kinds of gadgets to make fishing so much more exciting. You can go longer distances, have fish finders installed, take coolers to keep your catch fresh and modify them in any way you like with ease. In many kayaks, you can even stand up while fishing. When opting for a modern pedal drive kayak you can even enjoy hands-free fishing, go longer distances without exhausting yourself, and steer and move the kayak while fighting big fish.


We hope those 5 reasons encouraged you to get into Kayak Fishing this year. But without the right fishing kayak, you will not have the best experience possible. So in this video here we’ll show you our kayak and you will see why this is so much better than standard paddle kayak.  

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