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Topic: It's Muhammad Faisal Baloch | Category: Introduce yourself

Baloch 6 years ago

Hi their My name is Muhammad Faisal Baloch live in Malir, Karachi, Pakistan. love to go fishing and read article and website for fishing. welcome to any friend who love fishing and share their experiences and thought with me.

Hingol 1 year ago

Hi Faisal, I also happen to be a Baloch and most probaby much older than you as you can see from my pic. I go trolling, bottom fishing and Surf Casting. I will be glad to have you as a fishing partner. Are you near Mulla Essa Goth, Jam Goth or Shaban Goth. Message me your number on here and I will contact you. Best wishes

Daryaverd 1 year ago

Hi Faisal and Hingol , I am also a Baloch from Karachi but residing in Bahrain. I have been fishing for a few years. Still have difficulty to determine the correct time for fishing. The timing on Fishingreminder and Tide4fishing some times help but not always. I will be glad to hear fishing tips. Best wishes

Hingol 1 year ago

Hi Daryaverd, It depends what kind of fish you are targeting. Are you surf casting, bottom fishing or jigging. What is the wind condition & water temperature? Were there any bait fish seen swimming where you fished? Are you fishing in a Creek, open sea, shore line etc. Is the bottom rocky or sandy where you fish. These are some of the major factors that effect fishing. If I Have the answers to all these factors, I could share with you my experience. Hope that this is helpful to you.

Daryaverd 1 year ago

Hi Waja Hingol, thanks for the reply. We do bottom fishing, mostly from a bridge and some time from boat. We don't target any specific fish. We use shrimps or cutlet fish as bait. It is a open sea and the bottom is sandy. Some times it is windy but mostly we avoid the windy days. From the bridge we mostly do night fishing till morning 7 am but on the boat we fish from dawn to dusk. I hope I have given most of the facts, waiting for your guidance. Best wishes

Hingol 1 year ago

I have visited Bahrain several times about 20 years back. If you want to target bigger fish like barracuda, mackerel, grouper etc, then try jigging woth a metal lure for mackerel in deep water and for barracuda try a top lure and for grouper try a deep lure while trolling. Use a wire leader for all three species of fish. This has worked for me best. I use a Vexilar T20 Sonar fish finder and target the reefs. Download Navionics App from the play store. Good luck