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newbie from virginia | Category: Introduce yourself

fishnfool4u 9 years ago

i am new to website...i fish the chickahonimy lake and river,james river and lake anna and some parts of chesapeake bay,i own a rnger bass boat and im always looking for friends to take fishn on my boat,just split expenses,i hope to share some stories and possibly meet new fishn safe and hook a you can see from my wife has caught the bigger fish...

robertjack 7 months ago

Did anyone ever respond? I recently joined this site and live on Lake Anna. If you arestill out there let me know. I have my own boats but can certainly collaborate on fishing the lake.

itsaboat 7 months ago

Hi robertjack. Welcome to Fishing Reminder.

People come and's the ebb 'n' flow.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
dazzling79 7 months ago

Welcome mate! Cool set up you have there!

itsaboat 7 months ago

That photo is from 8 years ago

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
robertjack 7 months ago

No really😜😜..but no one replied and I just join a did not find any one else interested in Lake Anna...

itsaboat 7 months ago

Yes...really !! I was replying to Dazzling. I don't think Daz noticed that the photo was from 8 years ago.

Most members of any forum are readers. Any forum including this one is governed by the human factor. The fact is that most people simply like to read and feel uncomfortable making comments. It is not just online forums and you can try it yourself... Walk up to the next stranger you see on the street and ask them if they have any comment to make about your car. If you get 2 out of 100 that actually engage in talking about your car then you are doing pretty good.

A post from 8 years ago with no reply is nothing to worry about. A post today with no reply is nothing to worry about.

I have taken a look at Lake Anna. It is not exactly a highly populated area by the looks of things. Having a nuclear power plant in the middle of it would be quite a "turn off" for many fisher folk, I would think. I don't like to generalize, but it seems that the lake is surrounded by some very expensive properties with "private" beaches and jetties which is maybe not the population one would expect to see engaged in on-line forums.

The location of the lake and it's proximity to more productive open "ocean" waters does it no favors either. Just looking at the map, if I lived in that area Lake Anna would not be my first choice for fishing.

There is an opportunity here for you. Sure you have some stiff competition being so near open coastal waters, but you could be the first or at least one of the first, to show us all the great fishing of the lake. That power plant is going to be pumping out some nice warm water which would be a pretty strong fish magnet maybe you could start there !! So grab a rod and some bait and a camera and show us what the lake has to offer

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
dazzling79 7 months ago

Very late welcoming from me. It took 8 years.