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New to forum | Category: Introduce yourself

NoQuarter 8 years ago

Have been using tide chart for 5-6 months now, posted a few pictures etc.. Just now checking out forum, fishermen are a unique group of people everywhere it seems. I think i will be reading and-or writing on here now and then.
i fish every chance i get, gig flounder and even hunt, but saltwater flats fishing is my favorite. big reds, flounder, trout in shallow water is quite a thrill.
So Hello everyone, hope to get to know a few of you better on the forum,.

markt 8 years ago

Hi mate

welcome to the forum. Looking forward to read some more of your posts

where are you based?

I'd love to learn more about catching flounder on softbaits.
I only manage to catch them with spear and flounder light at night.
But catching them on a kayak with a softbait rod seems quite exciting.

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles.
NoQuarter 8 years ago

thanks and hi there.

I use live minnows. 3-5 inch for flounder usually.
However i have used (lead heads) 1/4 ounce with white curly tail grubs.
Just working the bottom slowly, traveling along shore and casting out, retrieving toward bank.
Works well wading and just as good from a boat.
Good on hot days.
Like you though, I mostly gig them at night.

Also get lots of blue crabs at night with net while gigging flounder. Gives me crabmeat to stuff flounder with.

Oh yea, from north florida USA...Take care.

AlexBass 4 years ago

Hey, I want to go gigging flounder. I'm close to Panama City. What would be the best times and places for it?

Jmac7731 4 years ago

Hey, I just moved down to St. Pete and have a few spots for grouper but how is the best way and places to gig flounder? Around pilings at low tide? I have gigged many frogs in the past so I imagine not too different. Thanks for the help