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ronausuk 5 years ago

I have recently lost my wife, so am now trying to get my life back together by fishing. I have thrown a line in from a boat before, but am new to beach or river fishing. I live in Gosnells WA, so will have to travel to get to a fishing spot. this is where I ask your help please.
As I see it I have two choices:
1 Make a day trip
2 Camp over night
So any good spots, camping sites, beach or otherwise please. I am not fussy what type of fish I catch as long as I can eat them, so am happy to fish anywhere, although I am a bit of a loner and prefer my own company.
I am a willing learner and willing to accept advice.
Thanks in anticipation of your help.

anonymous 5 years ago

Hi mate first sorry for your loss I recently lost my brother, and second fishing is a great thing to take up that spare time you find you have now. There are some great spots on the Swan and Canning river systems, try East Fremantle around the army barracks or red herring resteraunt plenty of fat whiting best to use bloodworms. Also take a look at some fishing clubs, I belong to Melville Angling club, its a great way to make friends and learn from others who some have been fishing for many years and the competition is very social and there are some great fishing locations allocated for the weekend competitions. Hope this helps and tight lines, and remember "A BAD DAY FISHING BEATS A GOOD DAY AT WORK"

garfield 3 years ago

gidday mate, hope the fishing works for you. i too lost my wife 5mths ago and have turned into a loner now as well. reject friends and family. if i were you, i would do both 1and2 options. pick anywhere nice, go there and see/talk what other fishers are doing. don't think anyone can really tell you where the fish are. i think it's better if you target a species, say flathead for arguments sake, read up on their habitat, habits, rigs, sizes, tides and so on and give it a go. the internet is a wonderful teacher. good luck.

ronausuk 3 years ago

Thanks Mate,

I hope the fishing helps you also. I have found that it helps.

garfield 3 years ago

cheers, but can't be bothered with anything much at the moment. will one day soon i hope.

dazzling79 3 years ago

You are very welcome!! Wish you good luck with fishing. You can find good friends through here^^

DougMo 3 years ago

I'm so sorry for your loss, my friend. I hope fishing will help you deal with it. I've always found it to be a very therapeutic, even if I caught nothing.

Regarding a day trip vs. over night camp, I say you can't go wrong with either. Just plan your trip, take all the supplies you need to be comfy, and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and bracing breeze. Breathe deeply and drink plenty of water.

All will be well.

Dbmonster 3 years ago

Am an occasional angler but been into it since my HS days. Relatively new in some aspect of fishing and certainly would like to learn from the folks up here. I do saltwater when am in the Philippines and confined to freshwater when am here in Canada.
Just want to say Hi at this point.

Tightlines everyone.