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Fishing Lake Casitas | Category: Introduce yourself

konarich 13 years ago

First time poster. Just getting dialed in to trout and bass on this jewel of a lake. I'm starting to remember stuff that I had forgot. Some things twice.

Casitas was stocked with good trout over Thanksgiving and will again over Christmas. Even I was able to run one over with my 10 hp aluminum boat and with great skill snag it with my trolled shad rap. My thought was..... how is this fish that has been raised on dog food going to taste. To my suprise, after pan frying it with butter alittle garlic paste, ( alittle beer in the pan, alittle more in me ) it turned out.......... Pretty darn good. Cudos to the guys who tossed all that "super trout grow " food for the years it took these beauties to get to this size. Now that I am all jazed on getting out there - and relearning the right color of Power Bate, how to use live shad that magicly jump into my boat and the right lize of leader..... seems that they can tell if you are trying to catach 5 pounders and use 8 lb test. so I will be good and use 2 lb test and gently entice them into my net. THEN INTO THE FRYING PAN !!!!! Best of luck to all, and, let's share the tips and trick so we can maximize the licence fee and get the price of our catch down from $40.00 per fish.

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