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looking for fishing spots in Jubail | Category: Introduce yourself

hameed_turki 3 years ago


My name is Hameed and looking for a good spots in Jubail , I m planning to go for fishing on Friday with my boy.

have a nice day

AmjadCk 2 years ago

Hi Hameed,

Me too from Jubail. Have you found any good location? I tried in Fanateer, Nakhel Beach with no good results. But, it was good in Dammam (Coral Island).
Let know your experience

Roney Nigel Pinheiro 7 months ago

See the below location around jubail for fishing
1. (45% result) : (Cornish jubail) :
2. (60% result) : (Fanateer Cornish Sidewalk) :
3. (35% result) : (Al Nakheel Beach) :
4. (40% result) : (Jubail Beach) :
5. (35%result) : (Darin's Beach, Al Jubail) :

Please share your experience and fishing spots to help others for fishing.

Have a great day !!!!