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Toti fishing for a noob. | Category: Introduce yourself

funquin 5 years ago

Good day Safricans and other forum member. What a great forum!

I'mheading to Toti on Friday and am looking to do some fishing for something bigger than strepie. Now, I'll admit, I'm a Vaalie, with very little experience in sea fishing. I've read that shad is doing well at the moment, but the locals dominate the good spots and I'll respect their turf, so I'll be fishing from the beach somewhere. What species would you recommend I go for and what bait, rig and tackle would you recommend?
Any advice would be appreciated.



geebub 5 years ago

Hi Quintin

I just replied to Boris on this. Don't know if your the same person(funquin)

I was born and breed in beautiful Durb's. We use to work the shad and cob at Durban harbour on the north side. Fished in toti and caught a few Black tail and rock hard(grouper). In my young days I wished a lot with my uncle in Ifafa Beach and caught heaps. Ifafa famous for Sea Salmon(beautiful and grouper.

Enjoy and please tell us more(Miss Beautiful Durb's)