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Ozark area ,Howdy ! | Category: Introduce yourself

another Hillbilly 13 years ago

Hello all, live near Bull Shoals Lake, Buffalo and White Rivers , in North Arkansas . Really enjoy this site and its info. and utility,a Big Thank you for this! We moved from Large Metro area in Southern California, to get out of the Rat Race,and am enjoying wanna be Homesteader and the Wildlife here in the Ozarks. Want to invite all to some very good Trout,Bass, Perch,Crappie, Catfish'in here , we have a very nice State Park ,right on the White River and Bull Shoals Lake , it is also very low cost compared to most . Folks who come here really enjoy all the Facilities and Newness ,along with tours ,Guides, and Boat Rentals. Yes i am a running commercial, just we have a lot to be proud of here,come and we will prove it!
I have recommended this site to many people, and will post some pics soon, Best Wishes to all,
P.S. I have a wonderful friend i met from Auckland ,NZ -John Relf ,whom i met in '73 on a Kibbutz , He was Volunteering,and John came to visit my Family in Calif., too bad we lost touch.

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Capt. Larry 13 years ago

I would have to 2nd everything you said. Arkansas is a beautiful place.

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Not2Day 13 years ago

I took the family canoeing on the Buffalo River one time. We had a great time!!!