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Shore Fishing Spots and Info in Doha, Qatar | Category: Introduce yourself

Lhar 4 years ago

Hi to all members,

My name is Larry a Filipino decent and being a fishing enthusiast for 3 years now. I'm living in Doha Qatar for almost 8 years now where i'm working as a Supervisor in one of the construction firm here in Qatar.
I found this website when I was looking for the best fishing time here in Doha, and of course I want some info also regarding how to increase my catch with some helps and to those who are been here in this business for a long time.
Me and my friends for most of the time went to Alkhor shoreline for fishing and even we catch some small fish along the shore with biggest catch of about a kilo (when lucky) we are already happy. We didn't go for any deep fishing since you need to hire a boat in order for you to bring in the mid of the sea. Along the shore and about 1km away from the shore is been enough for us to this stuffs. But of course, I have to do some improvements and have a better catch by using this website and maybe some helpful comments from the expert members, aside from monitoring and try to use the solunar calendar, emplore it and know how it be efficient.
We use the fresh shrimp as a lure and artificial shrimp for catching some squids when we met some. Therefore, I have try this website for us to monitor it and ensure that when we schedule for fishing we are very satisfied and very happy for the better catch rather than going to the seashore without any basis when and where and what time is the best fishing time will be.

Okey folks, thanks for reading this boring letter of mine . . thanks for your time and hope you will provide me some info where to fish what date and time . . I want only locations along the shore. Thank you!



Mohsin Shaikh 4 years ago

Hi larry use popper near rocks or deep water use deep diver for big catches like gt

risvim 4 years ago

Please let me know the best fishing spot in Qatar.

ilokano_angler 4 years ago

Hello, Larry. My name is Ferdi (ilokano_angler on Facebook) and your Kabayan in Qatar. Am one of the admins of Pinoy Xtreme Anglers based in Doha, have you heard about us? Feel free to contact us on Facebook and we'll be glad to show you around for some hotspots inshore. I'm new to this forum and one of these days will be sharing my experiences here as well. Tight lines, Kapatid....

Lhar 4 years ago

Thanks Ferdi. . For the messages. . Yup I heard it before about some of the anglers group here on Doha but I have no idea how to join then. How I wish I may join your group soon. Regds have a nice day Ferdi!