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Sea Breams fanatic | Category: Introduce yourself

ilokano_angler 4 years ago

Hi, am Ferdi, a Filipino worker residing in Doha, Qatar. I go fishing all weekends (Friday-Saturday) and whenever the weather permits on an Ultralight to Light spinning outfit. Inshore, Yellowfin breams and Sobaity breams are my favorite targets on dead baits (shrimp, fish fillet, chicken strips, etc..) and I also hunt for Kingmacs, Barracudas and Queenfish on lures. Offshore, aside from the recently mentioned predators, I go for Groupers, Cobia, and Emperor snappers to name a few. Am happy to have found this website and I can't help but agree to what am seeing in its forecast for best fishing times. As what I have experienced, my best fishing times here in Qatar are an hour before and after the peak of tides (both high and low peaks, with the incoming tide giving more favorable results than receding). Relatively, MOST favorable when these events coincide with moonrise/moonset: fishes get crazy scouring the ocean for food! Tight lines and fish be with you all....

Mark Totzke 4 years ago

Hi ilokano_angler,

Welcome to fishingreminder. Glad you found the site and find it useful.
Hope we'll see you around a lot and happy fishing to you.


a snapper a day keeps the doctor away