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Hello | Category: Introduce yourself

Charlie817 8 years ago

Hi everyone, just found the site and am looking forward to using the site and learning about everyone and all the different techniques used. I used to fish tournaments for bass but am now strictly a crappie fisherman. Tight lines to everyone!

itsaboat 8 years ago

Hi Charlie,

Welcome to Fishingreminder.

Only an American could get away with calling themselves a crappie fisherman

Check out the catches page, Andy got a real nice bag full of crappie a few days ago. It was a 4 star day.

Don't forget to set up email alerts so you can keep up with whats happening. You can also set email reminders for the best fishing days.

Keep your lines tight and your rod bent

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
dazzling79 8 years ago

Hi Charlie817

Welcome to Fishingreminder! Looking forward to seeing your catches soon.


Charlie817 8 years ago

Thanks, for the welcome itsaboat, and for the email tips too! Have a great day!

AndyS 8 years ago

Hi Charlie, I also like crappie fishing. Also catch a few bass now and then. Going to try for flounder soon. Welcome to the site. PS. The 3 and 4 star days do work, Only if you know where the fish are.

Charlie817 8 years ago

Thanks Andy,
I fish for flounder, redfish, and trout when I fish on the coast and prefer the flounder as far as taste goes. Hope you catch a limit and have the opportunity to cull! Good luck.

AndyS 8 years ago

I lived and fished in Venice FL. for 15 years. They called me "Andy The Flounder man. Man that was some good beach fishing.

Charlie817 8 years ago

WTG Andy! You are the Flounder man! Live bait or artifical if you don't mind me asking.

AndyS 8 years ago

I always use lures. This was my best flounder lure.

Charlie817 8 years ago

Thanks for sharing Andy! Hope you always do well.

janis64 8 years ago

Hey...welcome! I'm new here too. Looking forward to interacting, learning tricks and tips and maybe even sharing some of my own. I'm in upstate South Carolina, where in the country are you?

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AndyS 8 years ago

Charlie, I fished in a Ray Scott tournament on Lake Keowee in Pickens S.C. long ago. Fished with Bill Dance first day. And came in 11th at the weight in, thanks to Bill Dance.

janis64 8 years ago

I live in Six Mile, SC (Pickens County) and Lake Keowee is the lake of my choice, it's only 3 miles away. My name is Janis, nice to meet you!

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Charlie817 8 years ago

Hi Janis,
Thanks for the welcome! I'm in North central texas. I too am here to learn. Welcome aboard!

Charlie817 8 years ago

Hi Andy,
I know a lot of guys that would truly enjoy fishing with Bill Dance! He can fish! He can make some pretty good bloopers too! Glad you had the experience! Good memory to have.

janis64 8 years ago

Thank you! I like to learn all I can about cats and MAYBE even share my knowledge on occasion.

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Charlie817 8 years ago

Thanks for the welcome dazzling! Apparently I have managed to overlook your post to me, says two weeks ago. I am truly sorry for the over sight.I work 6-7 days a week so when I can get out I'll make some picture posts. Until then I'll have to settle for everyone's posts! Tight lines everyone!

Charlie817 7 years ago

Hi Andy,
Been a while since I've been on here, been pretty busy. When I fish for flounder I use a red 3 inch beetle spin body with the two tails dipped in white paint. I fish it on a 1/4 oz. Jig head.I fish it like a worm for largemouth bass keeping contact with the bottom short hops all the way back.
Do you fish your D.O.A's the same way? Thanks, hope you're doing well!

AndyS 7 years ago

Yes that is how I work the DOA Shrimp. I don't hope it along the bottom. I just very slow glide it along the bottom with a slight flick not a hope now and then. The hook rides up so I could retrieve it slow over rocks and weeds were a lot of flounder trout and snook were. I sure miss fishing the beach in Venice FL. My Great Granddaughter caught her first striper last week while fishing for white perch.

Charlie817 7 years ago

Thanks Andy! Tell your granddaughter congratulations, good job! Hope you get to go fishing at Venice beach again soon! Have a great day!

AndyS 7 years ago

I think we might go to Venice in Feb. or March for a few weeks. That's a maybe. Would love to see my snowbird friends again. Might even catch a fish.

Heith 2 years ago

Welcome to the form I'm from south of Dallas good luck to you all