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Just joined - Lake Michigan | Category: Introduce yourself

Haventbeensolucky 4 years ago

Hello to all the fishermen and women. It hasent need a good past couple of years fishing in Lake Michigan and thru Trail Creek which runs miles thru out LaPorte County. I could use some tips on setting up different rigs fishing in 9 feet of water thru the boating channel. And to learn about the best color lures to use day and night time.

itsaboat 4 years ago

Hi Haventbeensolucky,

Welcome to fishingreminder.

I am sure someone with local knowledge will be able and willing to give you some tips for rigs and lures.

I am interested in this boat channel. 9 feet is not very deep. If it is even slightly busy with boat movements, then there is a good chance there simply are no fish. Have you tried areas where there is few or no boats? Even a small boat is going to sit 18 inches maybe 2 foot in the water which puts it 7 feet from the bottom. A fish swims past at say mid level and that puts the boat only 3 to 4 foot away. No fish is going to stay within a few feet of a boat motoring along.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
janis64 4 years ago

Welcome! I'm new here too, really nice folks and so helpful, too. Hope your luck changes (along with mine). Janis

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