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Ugh. Wishing I was fishing. | Category: Introduce yourself

SSGHINES 4 years ago

Wishing I was fishing. Lol. I'm a truck driving combat veteran with a love for fishing. I love everything about fishing. From the smell to the heat, mosquitos and watching the martins flying over the water. Of course catching fish makes the whole experience more enjoyable. I'm smack dab in the heart of fishing paradise in northern Mississippi. More East than West. If anyone knows where I can find a used boat for a low price I would be grateful. Happy fishing y'all. God bless all of your fishing experiences!

Wishing I was fishing.
Mark Totzke 4 years ago


welcome to fishgingreminder. Looks like you came to the right place for your love of fishing

I'd say the best place to find a used boat would be on craigs list or perhaps ebay.
What kind of boat are you looking for?

happy fishing

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away