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Kayak fishing UAE | Category: Introduce yourself

AJC 7 years ago

Hi, I've recently started kayak fishing in Dubai, with great success with Queen Fish. I'm looking to meet some new fishing buddies...

Polotto Jean Marc 7 years ago

Hey,happy you started kayak fishing, I'm also kayak fishing, where do you launch? Let's go together always safer and more fun

AJC 7 years ago

Hi Jean Marc

Thanks for the reply. I have only launched from Black Palace Beach and Jumeirah Beach Park...where do you normally put in? I'm always up for a few hours of fishing

Jakes 7 years ago

Hi Guys. I also want to start kayak fishing. Are there anyone from Abu Dhabi side where i can get some info on what to do and not to do, what to buy and what not or just in general what i need. Tight lines guys...

Mohammed Abusamra 7 years ago

You guys still doing kayak fishing? I caught a nice fish last Friday

AJC 7 years ago

Hi Mohammed, yes still going out for a few hours every week. Glad you got a good fish ...You should join us some time.

AJC 7 years ago

Hi Jakes. Send me your number and I'd be happy to share my thaughts...

Jakes 7 years ago

Thanks. 0502943557

JvK 7 years ago

Hi gents,

I'd like to join you guys sometime, just got my license.
Currently looking for a kayak so will be good to go in a week or two.

Will launch from Sufouh beach/ black palace.

How is the fishing at the moment?

Tight lines!

Basheer Al Salabi 7 years ago

Hey Guys, glad to see the kayak fishing community is growing.
A company i work for host kayak fishing competitions every now and then, we have one coming up in April.

If some of you are interested just check us out on Facebook: SeaYou Dubai

If you guys are also looking for fishing kayaks and accessories for your kayak check out

Happy to help if you have any questions

Best Regards,

Raed Al Ali 7 years ago

Hi guys,
I would love to have some company while kayak fishing especially that I've never tried in Dubai and don't know where it's allowed or not and if I do need a license or not.
I need also some guidance and tips about the lures and when and where to use each.
I used to kayak fishing in Sharjah open sea but don't want to waste more time there now that I got a new Mirage Sport and would love to try it in Dubai.
My number is 0529289894. Let's whatsapp.


Raed Al Ali 7 years ago

Some questions, will I need a license to kayak fish in Dubai?
how is it at the black palace beach? is it rough water and high waves even if it's little windy? You know kayaking with waves is not fun especially when fishing.
What lures do you suggest to use? do you jig or troll? do you use live baits such as shrimps and sardines?
Any info you may provide would be of great help to me and others reading here.

Thank you.

Zeth 6 years ago

Hi. I just bought my kayak(though used) I want to find fishing buddies. But I can't fish in Dubai coz they need license there. I'm planning to go fishing in Ajman.

Raed Al Ali 6 years ago

It's too hot now man.

Zeth 6 years ago

Early morning bro.

Kim Eugene 6 years ago

I also just started kayak fishing
Seems not so active at this moment
But hope we can enjoy together
I may go to al bateen and mussafah for fishing on early morning or late afternoon of weekends and weekday also during ramadan

Quick question. Can i use eastern mangrove dock? I believe that fishing is not allowed but just kayaking with my own
Hope to meet you guys.

JvK 6 years ago

Hi Basheer,

When is the next Kayak fishing competition?

Missed the April one .....

JvK 6 years ago

Are you guys having any luck in summer, the queenfish and kingfish seem to have disappeared?

Saw some porpoises the other day, not sure if it's a good or bad sign?

Heard about a lot of Tuna and dolphin fish being around in Fujeirah and Abu Dhabi.

Have any of you caught tuna of your kayak in Dubai?

Kim Eugene 6 years ago

JvK 6 years ago

Kim Eugene 6 years ago

Wow nice catch. Is it Dubai??

JvK 6 years ago

Yep. Got them in May.
The queenfish have disappeared now though, had good fun the past couple months....

Raed Al Ali 6 years ago


NemoNothing 6 years ago

G'day all,...Aussie here, to site, fishing and kayaks,....just wanted to say hi, great pics. Been out fishing from my yak cpl times now,...sooo much fun, even if ya catch nothing, ....good luck to all, and tight lines

You never really know, but when they know you'll know, you know
mammassan 6 years ago

Hi Jvk

how can i apply for kayak fishing licence in abu dhabi area ?

mammassan 6 years ago


Iam planning to get licence for kayak fishing please can you tell me what is the procedure for getting licence in abu dhabi?

mammassan 6 years ago

Hi mohammed
how can i get kayak fishing licence in abu dhabi?

itsaboat 6 years ago

Hi mammassan

Try here ---

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
JvK 6 years ago

No sure about abu dhabi bro.
Try the abu dhabi municipality or the link mentioned by itsaboat.

Omar Alzaabi 6 years ago

Hi guys I'm 14 years old .Can I get a kayak fishing license in this age in (sharjah-kalba city) ? So I could practice my hobby with out getting problems .

mammassan 6 years ago

Hi brother good morning

im planning to buy kayak so there is licence for kayaking in uae ?

JvK 6 years ago


As far as i know, in Dubai for kayaks its considered to be inshore fishing and you need to apply through the dubai municipality website.

You fill in your details and upload your documents, once your license is ready they will send you an email and you go pick it up.
Simple as that.

mammassan 6 years ago

brother thanks for your reply ..

but im having abu dhabi fishing licence ...
but im worried to go for kayaking because i dont have licence for kayaking ...

fishermanjack2 5 years ago

Hi... can you please advised me where to go fishing in ajman... or i join you... im starting learning kayak

Stephen Braganza 4 years ago

Do you need a license for kayak fishing

Muhammad Roshin 1 year ago

Hey i am new to this thing. I am planning to buy a kayak for fishing, can u guys help me with things i should buy for the kayak and any information regarding setting it up..

Mark Totzke 1 year ago

Hi Muhammad Roshin,

When you buy a new kayak I would highly recommend to buy a pedal drive kayak for fishing. It makes fishing a lot more enjoyable when you have your hands free.
Check out the video about the kayak we use here:

You might not be able to buy the same kayak in the UAE, but perhaps something similar.
If you use a pedal drive kayak you also don't really need an anchor. Especially if you're planning on lure fishing.
I would however suggest to add a fish finder. Either install a small fish finder like a Lowrance 4x for example or you can use a portable fish finder such as a Deeper Pro, we also made a review video about our Deeper here:

Then you need a few more essentials. A life jacket of course, perhaps a VHF for safety, high vis clothing if there's lot's of boat traffic and I would recommend to use light tackle for fishing off a kayak.
In terms of reels I really like the Penn Spinfisher 3500 reel or the Penn Slammer 3500. They are waterproof and this is invaluable when kayak fishing. That means you don't need to service them after each session.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
Rachid Abdellatif 1 year ago

Anyone knows where I can keep my kayak as it is not easy for me to travel with every time i want to go fishing


Where is the best place for kayak fishing

Rachid Abdellatif 1 year ago

Hello Mina area or mangrove


Mina area ?? Jabel Ali??

Rachid Abdellatif 1 year ago

I was talking about Abudhabi


I'm searching in Dubai area