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Fishing knots for braided lines? | Category: Introduce yourself

martyinbend 3 years ago

20#Braid to 8lb.Fluoro I Just switched to Braid from Mono on a lil' 1000 series spinning reel first time in my life using braid and the FG Knot... so good, so far (yes I reversed them cant believe how well it casts and the sensitivity)
any thoughts, or observations from the more experienced among us on the strong yet efficent marriage of dissimilar lines???

itsaboat 3 years ago

Probably the most popular knot for mono to braid is the Double Uni knot.

But I use the Yucatan knot -

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
mianka 3 years ago

Double Uni has done the trick for years for me,
when attaching mono leader to braided main line.
Very strong knot, easy to remember and fast to make.
Haven't tried above mentioned Yucatan knot though.

If attaching hook, lure or swivel straight on to braided line,
I use Palomar knot. Nowadays I use it even on mono line.

Haven't had knots failing with these ones, usually line
snaps somewhere else, if it snaps.

Glendw 3 years ago

How do you like the braided line on your spinning reel? I don't care for it much on my spinning reel.
Braided line has to much memory and seems to loop up a lot and ends up being a pain inn the butt. I prefer mono on my spinning reel, and braided on my baitcast, seems to work best for me. If it is not looping up on you too bad then I'm surprised and am curious what kind your using?

ljhend4 3 years ago

The absolute best knot for mono to braid is Alberto's knot. If you don't know it, go to Youtube, watch it, and learn it! You won't be sorry!

LaineeP 3 years ago

Alberto knot is what I swear by. Go to . It also has instructions for lots of other knots to. It looks complicated but once you tie it three or four times it's prett easy.