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New member and Snapper fishing crazy | Category: Introduce yourself

snapper 1 13 years ago

Just introducing myself.......From Adelaide South Australia, and am mad on Snapper fishing, like to speak with people that are also into snapper fishing. Use boat especially around Ardrossan.
Always good to learn new things about our fishing and the best/better way to get them. There is a picture in the photo section on a good snapper I caught 2010.

Again any comments greatly appreciated ted

Alex B

Shortman 13 years ago

like the fish, what is it's weight ?

snapper 1 13 years ago

Fish weight was 11.5 kilo

Shortman 13 years ago

Well done old chap.
We have been doing freshwater angling for the past 3 months and only managed a few scrawny eels and undersized bass & catfish. Any ideas to improve our lot ?