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modern fishing methodes | Category: Introduce yourself

Shortman 13 years ago

Hi all.

I have fished for the past 40 years but grew rusty over the last 5 years when I moved inland. What I have noted is that the guys in East London use all kinds of modern ideas that simple just rock me - whatever happened to just baiting up and casting in ?

Whats with all these specialised sinkers,ready made traces,imported nylon,manufactured baits, drop shots and squid that costs more per kilo than calamari sold at the supermarkets ? Believe it or not I even found a shop selling frozen fish to use as bait other than sardines.

No wonder each trip plays out empty handed nowdays as it seems as if the fish have gone upmarket - except for the vermine of which we landed about 22 the other night - they certainly made good use of the full moon !

Any tips for good spots in the East London area ?