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A little about me. | Category: Introduce yourself

idahomike 13 years ago

Hello im an old fisherman and hunter from a small place in the mountains called robie creek just about 25 miles north of boise idaho. I used to run a charter boat for about 12 years out of waukegan ill on lake michigan. been in idaho for 26 years love it ill die here i live on top of a mountain no neighbors i can see. deer elk bear and mt lions abound here.(frequently have them in the yard) still hunt and fish all i can trying to retire but im a partner in a restoration company and i still have to work some ugh! Went lion hunting this morning no luck (just exercise for me and the dog). not much of an ice fisherman but i humor my partner by going with him from time to time. favorite fish is bass and crappie not much of trout fisherman unless its with a fly rod.(around here youre somewhat of an outcast if you dont fish for them) Married 4 boys all grown. have approx 30 acres bordered by forest service land no subdivisions will be here. well thanks for the platform hope to get to know some of you. Mike

Capt. Larry 13 years ago

Sound like you have it going Mike.
Welcome to the forum.

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