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Fishing for flathead in the Perth area | Category: Introduce yourself

Chondelle Turner 11 months ago

Hi there,

I'm not new to fishing but I am new to fishing in Perth.
Years ago I used to live down south, Denmark more specifically, and we would catch sand whiting and flathead without a doubt every time!
I would have to say flathead is hands down the most tastiest fish! I could live on it for the rest of my days!
One of the fisherman I knew would trade me a kilo of flathead for pies and sausage rolls at the bakery I worked at. What a deal!

Anyway, I would appreciate any handy tips, suggestions and maybe a good spot or 2 where I would be able to fish for some. Legit size and quota per person would also be handy (haven't fished for them in years!)


itsaboat 11 months ago

WA has some complex Laws compared to the rest of Australia (maybe even compared to the rest of the world )

Bag limit is 8 per person per day with minimum length 30cm...

WA's "per day" is 24 hours midnight to midnight...So you could catch 8 by 11:59PM...and then catch another 8 a few minutes later at 00:01AM

Unless...of course, it is logical is it not...if you are catching prawns or marron, then the day is midday to midday...

However, the Gov of WA do provide a disclaimer and I quote ---

Important disclaimer
The Chief Executive Officer of the Department of Primary
Industries and Regional Development and the State of
Western Australia accept no liability whatsoever by reason
of negligence or otherwise arising from the use or release
of this information or any part of it.
This publication is to provide assistance or information.
It is only a guide and does not replace the
Fish Resources
Management Act 1994
or the
Fish Resources Management
Regulations 1995
It cannot be used as a defence in a
court of law. The information provided is current at the
date of printing but may be subject to change. For the
most up-to-date information on fishing and full details of
legislation contact your local Fisheries office or visit

End quote.

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
itsaboat 11 months ago

Oh...and just in case you missed it, the above "disclaimer" quote is direct from...You guessed it...

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !