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Saltwater Lures? | Category: Introduce yourself

Hingol 1 year ago

What is a lure that can be used for all kinds of fish while saltwater shore casting and how to jig it?

Mark Totzke 1 year ago

have you tried softbaits or soft plastic lures like gulp or z-mans?
They can be used as lures in almost all situations and on most fish species.

a snapper a day keeps the doctor away
itsaboat 1 year ago

Hi Hingol,

How are things going?

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all lure.

I guess the standard starting point would be a shiny metal lure. Long cast and fast retrieve.

It really depends on where and what kind of location it is....Beach, rocks, river etc. Then you have to look at the fish you are after. You are not going to catch a tuna if you are bottom fishing for grouper for example.

As Mark says, soft plastics like Gulp make a large range of different sizes, styles and colours to cover just about any situation. Worth a look.

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