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Squidding and Crabbing S.A. | Category: Introduce yourself

Nick Williams 1 year ago

Good-day fellow fisho's,

I am an active fisherman based in Adelaide. I have a Hains Hunter runabout 4.7metre boat with 90 HP Yamaha outboard on the back. I am off to Wallaroo (200km's away) next weekend for 4 days of crabbing and squidding in small dinghy's from a shore based beach house. In south Australia, Autumn is a great time to net Some of the squid (calamari) will be bagged and cryovaced ready for bait for large Mulloway off the coast of the Great Australian Bite (Yalata) later in the year. All good fun - hopefully we get some rain soon as the local fishing is down on previous years and may be related to a hot dry summer.

itsaboat 1 year ago

Hi Nick,

Welcome to Fishing Reminder

I have a 12 foot tinnie with a 2.2 Suzuki on the back of it...Yes, you read correct - 2 point 2 HP....Yeah, I know only a real man can brag about having a 2.2 Suzzie haha..

I also have a 5 HP Merc. But I have not tried the Merc yet cos I got it after they changed the rules.

My last boat was a 15 foot Mustang with a 75 HP Yammie. 3 cylinder 2 stroke. Nice boat but to expensive to run.

The tinnie I have now is a Savage with an oval badge. They changed to square badges in 1947 or 1949. So it is like older than me !! and I am 10 years older than God

I am looking at buying a house in Port Pirie next year...Yes, I know about the lead smelter, but they tell me it is all cleaned up and pretty good. If my plans go ahead we might meet up and compare your Hunter against my Savage over a few beers....but I already know which is going to win

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
dazzling79 1 year ago

Sounds fantastic there.

It has been really dry and hot in NZ as well. I almost felt like I was in the Outback. We had great fun in the ocean this summer. Fishing has been great, caught lots of Kahawai(AU salmon), snapper, blue code and rig(lemon fish). The wet season is coming here. Better enjoy few more hot days!

Let us know how it goes with your catches!

Nick Williams 1 year ago

You may be able to pick up a house and set it up with as many beds as possible. You can rent it out to fishing folk who want 6 beds near a good fishing location. I have found that renting a property at Port Augusta with 6 + beds is very hard - we stay in the caravan park cabins! Port Pirie is a great fishing spot and AirBnB will give you some tenants.

itsaboat 1 year ago

Shhh...don't tell people that Port Pirie is good fishing - they will all want to get in on it

I have heard that Port Augusta has some really nice dew from time to time...but I will not tell any one.

Yes, I am already registered with AirBNB. I will be listing at least one room. I cannot do a full holiday home type thing. The finance (loan) requires that I live in the house as my primary home. So I am looking at 3 bed room on a couple of acres. Within 5 minutes of Port Pirie. Although I have seen some 3 and 4 bed room house right in town with good land for around the 100k.

But I want enough room to park the caravan and boat and still have plenty of room for the dogs and kids to run around...and finally I can afford to actually make it happen

How is the squidding going?

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
Nick Williams 1 year ago

Latest report from a local is that squid and whiting are scarce - Tommies and silver whiting may be OK and the faithful blue crab is in plentiful supply. Maybe we will pickle some of the meat in vinegar and salt water?

itsaboat 1 year ago

Oh, so you have not gone yet...

I have never tried pickling crab. Do you cook it first or pickle raw?

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !
dazzling79 1 year ago

Sounds great! I wish I have plenty of them. We have really nice pickled crabs in Korea. Its called Gejang( It is more like salted crabs with soy sauce, no vinegar. I haven't made them by myself. You normally have them with rice. Maybe you could try? The recipes for Gejang are available online.

Nick Williams 1 year ago

I will try a 50/50 liquid of apple cider vinegar and sea water. topped with pepper corns and perhaps a fresh chilli or two. Keep in the fridge and eat over the following fortnight with a salad or seafood marinara. The tedious part is sitting there with a small fork and pliers to extract the crab meat. Tasty end result!

itsaboat 1 year ago

Thanks for the link.

I am going to give that a try

itsaboat mate...Life is just a boat and then ya marry one !